महाशून्य के साथ

Dr. Omendra Ratnu


About The Author

Dr. Omendra Ratnu

Dr Omendra Ratnu is a Jaipur based ENT surgeon who runs his own hospital. Survival and blossoming of Hindi Bhasha by enhancing its use and promoting Hindi literature are one of his core passions. He has been writing poetry and articles in various newspapers and web portals of Bharat. He runs an NGO by the title of Nimittekam, with the ...

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The Infinitesimal Infinite

Sri Aurobindo Ghosh

Out of a still Immensity all came!
These million universes were to it
The poor light-bubbles of a trivial game,
A fragile glimmer in the Infinite.
It could not find its soul in all that vast:
It drew itself into a little speck
Infinitesimal, ignobly cast
Out of earth’s mud and slime strangely awake,-
A tiny plasm on a little globe,
In the small system of a dwarflike sun,
A little life wearing the flesh for robe,
A little mind winged through wide space to run!
It lived, it knew, it saw its self sublime,
Deathless, outmeasuring Space, outlasting Time.

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