Kaavya Sandhya II

23rd January, 2019

Pinkcity Press Club, Jaipur

An evening of Poetry Reading was organized by the Kaavya Foundation at the Pinkcity Press Club, Jaipur on 23rd January, 2019.

The evening was graced by the Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Mr. Gehlot. Mr. G.D. Kalla, the Minister for Art and Culture, Rajasthan also accompanied the Chief Minister.

Eminent poets, writers, journalists were honored for their contribution in their respective fields. They received momentoes from the Chief Minister and Mr. G.D.Kalla.

Mr. Farooq Afreedi and Mr. Veer Saxena conducted the evening of poetry reading in Jaipur. Among the poets who were honored, include- Dr. Satya Narayan, Krishna Kalpit, Dr. Kalanath Shastri, Hariram Meena, Rajasthani poet Padamshree Dr. C.P. Dewal, Dr. Kalyan Singh Shekhawat, Habib Kaifi, Dr. Rajaram Bhadu and Dr. Durgaprasad Aggarwal, Madhu Acharya Ashawadi, Dr. Rati Saxena, Dr. Yashwant Vyas, Narayan Bareth.

Well known poets from Rajasthan read out their poems at the event. Dr. Pariksith Singh, founder of the Kaavya Foundation also read out some of his poems. The Chief Minister, Mr. Gehlot congratulated Kaavya on doing a commendable job by encouraging good literature and by giving a platform to established and upcoming writers, journalists and thinkers. He extended his full support to more such events in the future.

Kaavya aims to promote Indian languages, literature, art and darshan globally

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