Pariksith Singh


Pariksith Singh

Pariksith Singh is, first of all, a poet and a philosopher, though not of any academic mould. He has evolved, and is still evolving, his own philosophy of life and work which he has been articulating in terms of his very personalized poetry and equally personalized medical practice.

Whether healing a patient, running a business or writing a poem, Pariksith Singh is always looking for that “perfect expression of the spirit in matter” – and this is P. Singh’s unique and consistent signature in all his works.

P. Singh’s literature is the articulation of this “inner quest” for the spirit’s perfection in matter, and therefore an expression of the eternal struggle of form (matter) to attain the supreme fluidity of content (spirit) and content to attain the perfect expression in form.

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Casually Without importance Into this world arrive Without splitting Or choosing As if the...

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Selections from Radha’s...

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To fly Is to be The infinite space To rise Into openness The vast opens as I My love of...

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Slowly we drift into shadows...

Slowly we drift into shadows As twilight grows dun Selves of gray Disappear in the dark Ou...

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Such total giving

Such total giving Back to you, the world Down to the marrow, the bones Such complete...

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Swayam ka Ghuspaithiya

Swayam ka Ghuspaithiya

Meri Maa

Brahm se Bhram


Meri Pratiksha

Tum Preyasi



Mera Shoonya Poora kar do


Gatimaan jagat (from Eliot)

Apni Shraddhanjali


Sab Kuchh Jazb...

Vichitra Sunahrapan

Nidraheen Raatein

Tum ek Vishaal Saagar

Viraasat ka Ghar

Mera Prarambh

Mook Ho Gaye Shabd Mere

There Was A Girl I Loved Once

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